Activism Poetry

Women of the World (2021)

For Remember Rosie Jimenez National Mobilization

for Reproductive Justice Rally and Speak-out,

San Francisco, California, October 3, 2021

Women who plant rice

Women who sew pants

Women who weave rugs

Women who compose songs

Women who launder, who wash and wash

Women who clean rooms, who dig ditches

Women who agitate for a living wage

Women who give their bodies

Women who invent

Women who dance

Women who work

And all women work

Women who sacrifice sleep

Women who weld, who paint, who doctor

Women who see with their ears, hear with their eyes

Women who resist, their brains and bodies in united fronts

Women who build coalitions

Women who organize, strategize, materialize

Women who teach, who learn

Women who are migrants, refugees

escaping violence against their bodies,

their children’s lives

Women who fight against sexual slavery

Women who abort, who choose

Women who act for clean water, clear skies

For education for all

Women who lead

To end wars that promulgate profits, destruction

Women who cross borders

Women she they we

Women of the world unite

We are waves, rivers, mountains

We who cover the earth

Fighting to be free.

Nellie Wong

© 2021 Nellie Wong