Activism Poetry

We Can Always (1975)

My very first poem, We can Always, was published in the anthology, Poetry from Violence, published in 1975 by Allie Light for the San Francisco Conference on Violence Against Women.  Allie Light and Ann Hershey taught “Woman as Creative Agent” in the early 70’s at San Francisco State University.  I credit that class for my writing, as well as the class where the professor told me I should discard my angry poems.  Just a bit of history. 

In 1976, the year of the International Tribunal on Crimes against Women, San Francisco Women’s Centers (SFWC) worked in coalition with six other women’s organizations to produce a national conference on Violence Against Women attracting over 1300 women.

In this audio recording (54:28), Nellie Wong reads “Is the act of murder…” from Poetry from Violence (edited version), a poetry reading in conjunction with the San Francisco Conference on Violence Against Women (to be held December 4 & 5, 1976). This reading was held at Glide Memorial Church, San Francisco, November 19, 1976.