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No Luck In This Equation

Hung Liu. Strange Fruit: Comfort Women, 2001, oil on canvas, 80 x 160. Private collection. http://www.hungliu.com/comfort-women.html Seven women, strange fruit, stare at you Their eyes awash with tears dripping, cast downward onto yellow straw hats, their fingers at rest but for one, stern without malice, pulls you into paint, a butterfly with purple and white wings of unheard voices as comfort women unsurreal, their lives forsaken in droughts, the moisture of art in world war…

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Summoning Ghosts: The art of painter Hung Liu (2013)

Oakland Museum of CaliforniaOakland, CAMarch 16 – June 30, 2014 With drips and washes, color, photography and shaped canvases, shelves and artifacts, the art of Hung Liu in her spring exhibit, Summoning Ghosts, at the Oakland Museum of California, feeds the eyes. What a joy it was to be present with the China-born artist’s energy reflected in the retrospective, which will be traveling nationally. This exhibit is a coming home of her work spanning from…

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